The 2014 Power of the Promise Debt Retirement Challenge runs from  April to August – Homecoming Sunday. 

 What?  To raise $10,000.00. 

 When – How?  The Spring-Summer-Fall challenge can be met by every family unit pulling an extra $1.80 out of their budget daily for 132 days.

There is a matching gift of $5,000 on the first $5,000 collected! 

 Why?  Dollars going to debt hinder our ability to do all that we can to be effective in our Community, our State, and our World!  Our continued emphasis to promote the early retirement of our building debt will enable us to unleash funds in an exponential way for ministry and mission.

 Mark the memo line of your check “Debt Retirement” or pick up one of the envelopes decorated by the children from the Foyer Table and drop in the offering plate.  Or, look for the “Donate” tab at the bottom of the home page.

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